Beginner Obedience
Duration: 5 Classes of 1 hour/class

Age range: 11 weeks of age to senior dogs.          Includes a complementary treat bag, treats & toy.    

Curriculum: Beginner Obedience Group classes are important for socialization, distraction training, and behavioral training.

Loose Leash Walking / Heel Walking
Call to Come
Sit, Down, Stay, Wait
Watch cue for Focus/ Patience Training
Place Training
Hand Signals
Distraction Training
Socialization with Dogs and People
Food Bowl Etiquette
House Manners-Jumping, Barking, Chewing, Digging
Leave It cue
Strengthens your bond and communication skills with your dog

Tuition: $195.00

If you are interested in attending a Beginner Obedience Class, please print the PDF of the Registration Form and Dog Questionnaire below and complete it prior to your visit.  

Registration Form in PDF Format (Adobe Acrobat required for PDF)

We have equipment available for purchase if needed and will custom fit your dog's new training collar. 

We recommend the following training equipment:

Six-foot leash - leather or nylon 
Training collar - flat collar, gentle leader, martingale, prong collar
Training place mat or dog bed
Treat bag**
Squeak toy**
Training Treats**           **Included with Group Class and Day School