Training Philosophy

Our training philosophy is based on the positive reinforcement of a desired behavior.  We do not use any type of physical or verbal correction in our training.  Our motto is "redirect, don't correct."  We use Bil-Jac dog treats, as well as verbal praise and affection, to motivate and reward your dog to perform obedience commands.

We associate verbal obedience commands with hand signals to illicit more focused attention from your dog.

Our Group Obedience Classes, Private Lessons, and Day School Program involve many playschool exercises based on teaching your dog what to do rather than what not to do. For example, when greeting people, we teach your dog to sit, rather than telling your dog not to jump.

We also consider ourselves your personal trainers, available to answer all of your questions and concerns. You and your dog will become "bow-lingual" as you learn to communicate with each other through the language of obedience.

During your training experience at Dog School 101, you will be encouraged to reward your dog with a lot of touch, praise, and "smooch the pooch".