Sandy and Xalina are experienced professionals in solving behavioral problems and teaching dog obedience.  They show genuine concern and commitment to the well-being of every dog and its owner.

Dr. Philip King, DVM

Westside Veterinary Hospital, Marietta  


As a dog trainer myself, I find Xalina and Sandy's teaching style to be very professional and informative. My dog, Dukas, loves to go to class and learns something new every time.

Doris Dressler, Jasper


Here's Booker Wahl's story. . . I received my Beagle, Booker, from a friend of mine who couldn't keep up with him. Not long after, I started having some behavioral problems such as growling a lot and nipping at people when he wanted to sleep. The real problem came when I was playing with him one night and he bit me in the face. After I stopped the bleeding, I was going to get rid of Booker. My girlfriend, Denita, stopped me from anything rash. She said that she would call some behavior schools and inquire about Booker's situation. 

Denita called a couple of dog training facilities and was not impressed. She then got in touch with Xalina who explained the process and what they would do to help Booker. We went to a few days of Day School and then the Group Obedience classes. The change was immediate. We were shocked. It really worked! Booker learned that he was the dog and not the master of the house. He became a happier dog and wanted to please us. Since then, we work with Booker regularly and he is the best dog we could ask for.

I recommend Sandy and Xalina to everyone I know. They work wonders with any dog with any problem. I can't wait to take Booker back for the Canine Good Citizenship Classes. 

Here is a funny ending for you: The night of his graduation, we were saying our goodbyes, when Booker stopped and looked back at Sandy. He then proceeded to relieve himself on a small dog statue and walked out the door. I guess he's not so perfect after all. 

Chris Wahl and Denita Franks, Kennesaw


I brought my English Springer Spaniel, Samantha, to Dog School 101 for basic obedience training at 3 1/2 months old. 

The training was excellent, and we moved on to the advanced training to get our Good Citizen certification. Samantha also spends Wednesdays at dog school and absolutely loves it. Sandy and Xalina work on her obedience skills, social skills, learning tricks, problem solving if needed, and other fun stuff. 

Because of their knowledge and care, I now have a well-behaved and social dog who is a pleasure to own. Sandy and Xalina have helped other friends of mine with their dog training, and they were all very happy with the results. 

I would recommend Dog School 101 without hesitation. I'm so glad I found them!

Sandra Flock, Marietta


I find these trainers give 110% to their clients and owners, at all levels of dog training. I have Multiple Sclerosis and we are training Max, a German Shepherd Dog, as a Service Dog for me. I have watched Max and others progress through various levels of training, with the trainers chief concern being preparing the dog and owner to meet the challenges of introducing themselves to the public. I give them high marks on every level.

Jim Abney, Marietta


Thank you so much for all that you did for our dog, Madeline, and for our family.   We cannot imagine what we would have done without your wonderful Day School and Beginner Obedience Class.

Madeline was not only mouthing at and intimidating our nine-year old son and any children who would come over to our house, but it was virtually impossible for us to have children come to our home and for our own child to feel safe.  There were times when we were not sure if we were going to be able to keep Madeline.

After several Day School sessions and an Obedience Class, Madeline is like a different dog.  We began to see improvement after her first time at Day School.  She has become a wonderful addition to our family.  Words cannot express how grateful we are to everyone at Dog School 101.

Lauren, Art, Garrett, Cooper Casale, Marietta


Within 24 hours from entering Dog School 101, my life drastically changed.  

Both Charlie and Nina, my two Miniature Pinschers, were given to me. Once they set foot in the door, they ruled the house, ruled me and my Afghan, Iman. I was at the point of giving Charlie and Nina away.  The last resort, I felt, had come and gone...

Instead, the last resort turned out to be Dog School 101, after a referral from my veterinarian.

Once inside Dog School 101's doors and after talking with Xalina for a few minutes, I sensed my frustration waning.  Xalina was not only attentive to my embarrassing dogs, but understood in an instant their personalities.  She reassured me that I would be able to see a vast improvement with obedience training.

During our orientation, I believed her since my little ones started doing simple commands under her calm voice - they truly seemed eager to obey.  I was astonished! Xalina controlled them like I could only dream of doing.  I could feel the burden being removed and my heart feeling a calm peace. 

After the orientation, I was excited to get my little ones home to start working with them to see if there really was a change.  To my great happiness there was an immediate change.  That glorious day was the first day of the rest of our happy lives.

I couldn't wait to attend the first class of obedience school.  The first class I felt like crying because I saw so much improvement in my Min Pins.  Furthermore my neighbors, the groomer, the painter, and my friends have all remarked how drastic a change they have seen.  And Iman is much happier.  I'm now not embarrassed about taking my Min Pins anywhere at anytime.

I owe Xalina and Sandy the world since they gave me back my world!  I am no longer mentally, emotionally and physically drained.  I'm so glad that I didn't get rid of my Min Pins.  I now see what great potential and high intelligence they have.  They were truly diamonds in the "ruff." 

I give Dog School 101 two paws up!   

Margaret Emanuel, East Point


Rocky is my Australian Terrier.  Rocky was a biter, fighter, and terror-terrier for sure.  He would sometimes bite any one who got near him, including family members.  The first day of class he actually bit me so hard that it broke the skin.  

Then came the meeting of the minds at Dog School 101.  With patient help and education from Sandy and Xalina, Rocky is a different dog.  We owe it all to Dog School 101 for teaching Rocky and my family how to communicate, through obedience, the language of love and respect. Rocky no longer shows aggression to any family member, but, rather, shows love and appreciation to all.  He is now the dog of our dreams.

Sandra Brindle, Marietta



Sandy and Xalina are professionals who have lovingly trained and cared for Mozart and Princess.  Thanks to these ladies, I have two happy, socialized dogs.

Rose Kelly, Roswell